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Temperature control – We ship in cool-pack containers.

Regardless of the temperature where your package is headed, every order we ship passes through a sorting hub in Phoenix AZ.  That means that anytime the daily high temperature in Phoenix is expected to be 80 degrees or more (roughly April through October) we need to ship our chocolates in custom cool-pack containers with gel ice refrigerants to help ensure intact delivery.

During warm weather, we will automatically add an $8 cool-pack surcharge to all orders to help defray the costs of these materials, including orders where “free shipping” is an option.

Time Control – Use expedited shipping to avoid more than 72 hours in transit.

While our cool-pack containers help a lot, they are not designed to keep the contents cool indefinitely. At best we can expect 72 hours (3 days) of protection.  If it will take the package longer than 3 days to arrive at your destination, then expedited shipping will be necessary to protect your order.  Please see the UPS Shipping Map below, as well as read about the Covid – 19 effect on shipping delays. We cannot guarantee the safe arrival of your chocolates if it is longer than 72 hours in transit.

If your order is eligible for “free ground shipping” but you select expedited shipping, we will refund to you the full ground shipping cost.

Receiving Control – Get your chocolates to a cool environment ASAP!

Even with cool-pack containers and expedited shipping, chocolate is no match for the heat if your package is left outside upon delivery. We strongly recommend that you ship to an address where you know someone will be there to receive it and immediately move it a cool environment. We cannot be responsible for melted chocolate if the package has been left or kept above 75 degrees after delivery.

COVID-19 effect – There are no shipping time guarantees.

At this time neither UPS or FedEx are guaranteeing any of their published delivery dates.  3-Day Select packages may arrive in 4 or 5 days, Next-Day packages can take 2 or 3 to arrive.  The situation does seem to be improving, but there is currently no recourse if a package is delivered later than expected.  This puts all of us (shippers and customers) in a difficult position when trying to ensure safe delivery of perishable goods.  All we can do is make the best decision we can, hope for the best, and look forward to the return of normalcy.