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Chocolate Sampler
Chocolate Sampler

Chocolate Sampler

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Our Gourmet Chocolate Sampler is the perfect way to celebrate.

Our chocolate truffles, caramels, and jellies are made by hand and carefully shaped before being individually dipped in Belgian chocolate. We use only the finest ingredients including exquisite Belgian chocolate, sweet butter, and authentic flavorings, plus the freshest cream.

The assortments will include at least 5 of the following candies:   Bittersweet Double Dark Truffles, Milk Chocolate Truffles, Mexican Vanilla Truffles, Vanilla Bean Caramels, Cappuccino Truffles, Outrageous Orange Jelly, Key Lime Truffles, Raspberry Truffles, Hazelnut Truffles, Mint Truffles, and Coconut Cream Truffles.

If you have some favorites from those listed above that you'd like to be sure are included, please let us know in the comment section of the Market Basket.

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