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Gourmet Rubble
Gourmet Rubble

Gourmet Rubble

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Our original recipes featuring classic combinations of fruits, nuts and more, smothered in rich, smooth Belgian chocolate then spread thinly to cool before being broken up into rugged pieces for boxing. Made to order just for you, we have a number of traditional favorites, plus some unique specialties.

Our Gourmet Rubble flavors include:

Dark Debris - Dark chocolate brimming with almonds, walnuts and raisins.

Milky Rubble - Pecans and chunks of our own butter almond toffee in milk chocolate.

Peppermint CRASH! - A delicate sandwich of wafer-thin creamy Belgian white and dark chocolate layers generously studded with peppermint candy.  (Nut-free)

Almond Crunch - Toasted almonds embedded in Belgian white chocolate.  

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