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How Many Types of Chocolate are there?

Q: How types of chocolate are there? A: There are 6. Or maybe 5? Unsweet chocolate: usually just cocoa liqueur with 99% to 100% percent chocolate. Dark chocolate: cocoa liqueur, cocoa butter, sugar, plus other ingredients. 
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The most expensive chocolate in the world is...

There are plenty of high-quality, yet affordable, lux chocolates available but some brands set out to push the boundaries making products that seem more designed for sticker-shock than culinary delight. These are the chocolates we are talking about...

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The Most Expensive Chocolate Egg Ever Sold at Auction

With Easter 2020 just over a week away it's time for another chocolate Worlds Record!
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Guinness World Records Largest Chocolate Easter Egg!

It's just 2 weeks from Easter, folks!  Here's a little chocolate trivia for your Easter basket...

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The Big Myth about Cooking Foods with Alcohol

How many times have you read or heard that the alcohol in vanilla extract bakes out in a cake? Or that all that red wine in your spaghetti sauce or boeuf bourguignon leaves only its flavor after cooking? Or that when you flambé your crepes Suzette with Cointreau or your bananas Foster with rum, that the flames are burning off all the alcohol in it?  WRONG!!!
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