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Chocolate Covered English Toffee
Chipotle English Toffee

Chocolate Covered English Toffee

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Chocolate Covered English Toffee - No Nuts, Lots of Flavor!

Two Varieties: Sea Salt and Chipotle Pepper (smoked red jalapeno)

Our Butter Almond Toffee has been a huge favorite since we started making candies professionally more than 20 years ago. This new confection is based on the same time-honored recipe of sugar and butter cooked to a delicate caramel.  We then add our flavoring ingredients and pour it out onto a slab to cool. The thin slab of still-warm toffee is cut into squares which, after fully cooling, are individually dipped in bittersweet Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with an appropriate garnish. Sold in 12-piece and 24-piece boxes.

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