I’m back from my buying trip to The Great White North!

It was -7 degrees F. in northern Wisconsin but a little cold weather wasn’t going to discourage me from the road trip last week to get our new chocolate enrober. Many thanks to Daniel and his crew at Mayana Chocolates for taking nearly a whole day to work with me on the machine and make sure I was comfortable with its assembly, operation, disassembly, and cleaning before we packed it into my rental van.


While getting this new equipment that will help us grow and take our confection business to the next level was amazing, the great part about a road trip is the extra stops you get to make along the way.

Do you know how many incredible artisan chocolatiers there are between Wisconsin and Arizona? Me neither, but I found more than 10 of them who were willing to meet with me, take me on full facility tours, give me lavish swag bags, and talk about chocolate for HOURS!  What a great bunch of guys and gals we have working in this business!

Here are just a few pictures from some of the shops. My mouth is still watering.

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