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Welcome to Epic Fine Chocolates!

Exquisite Handmade Confections with “No Funny Ingredients”.

Epic Fine Chocolates is the latest inspiration in our 30 years of making amazing confections. To learn more about our Sweet Journey thus far go to our About Us page.

What makes our confections so special?

  • The Ingredients. We use only the best Belgian chocolate, sweet cream & butter, high quality fancy nuts, and 100% pure flavors, extracts and liqueurs.
  • The Recipes.  Many of our recipes are ancient family treasures (really!) that have been lovingly developed over decades by a talented group of home culinarians then refined and used by a highly trained professional pastry chef. We work hard to celebrate and preserve their efforts with every batch we make.
  • The Process.  Our candies, as always, are handmade from scratch in tiny little batches, hand decorated, attractively packaged and carefully shipped with the utmost care.
  • The Freshness.  When you buy candy from us, we don’t rummage around in some back storeroom to fill your order, we head to our candy kitchen and make it! We add no artificial preservatives or stabilizers to any of our confections, so it is imperative that we make, package, and ship our products to our customers as quickly as possible to ensure they are enjoyed at the peak of flavor.

Please give our full line of fine confections a try for yourself or as delicious, memorable gifts that will delight.