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Epic Fine Chocolates

Our Sweet Journey (so far)

Epic Fine Chocolates is the latest inspiration in Kathryn’s and David's more than 30 years of making amazing confections together.

David is a professionally trained pastry chef with more than 40 years “back of the house” experience.  After years in the food service industry, we opened our first commercial candy venture “BestToffee” in Tucson, AZ in 1990, working out of a borrowed commercial kitchen during off-hours where we specialized in making and selling our (almost) famous chocolate-covered Butter Almond Toffee and Chocolate Truffles by mail order during the winter holidays.

With our move to Snowflake, Arizona in 2000, where we founded and developed Black Mesa Ranch (BMR) including an artisan goat cheese dairy and commercial candy kitchen, we changed the candy business name to “Black Mesa Ranch”. The BMR dairy quickly became Arizona’s premier goat cheese dairy. The candy business grew and, while still operating only seasonally, we added many new product lines including our amazing Goats Milk Fudge, locally grown Spiced Pecans, and Dessert Sauces, Rubbles, and more, in addition to the Butter Almond Toffee and Chocolate Truffles.  To differentiate the two parts of the business the candy side became know as “The Candy Kitchen at Black Mesa Ranch”.

We closed the dairy in 2018 to help us concentrate on expanding our candy making to year 'round and we changed the company name one more time to “Epic Fine Chocolates” to better represent our new vision.

We’ve moved! As of late 2020 Epic Fine Chocolates has moved to a larger candy kitchen, just a few miles from the 280-acre off-grid ranch we called home for 20 years. Black Mesa Ranch still holds a huge place in our hearts and we have left up the old website as a fun reference and reminder. Feel free to check it out at  BlackMesaRanch.com.

About our Products

We, of course, use only the finest ingredients available, including exquisite Belgian Chocolates, sweet cream butter, high quality fancy nuts, and 100% pure flavors, extracts, and liqueurs. Even the colors we infrequently use are 100% natural.

Our candies, as always, are handmade in tiny little batches, attractively packaged and express shipped with the utmost care. Please give our full line of fine confections a try. They also make great gifts.

David C. Heininger


Beloved husband, artisan confectioner extraordinaire, co-founder of Epic Fine Chocolates, died December 18, 2021.

 Making our exquisite chocolates has always been a labor of love for David and me, and I will continue Epic Fine Chocolates as the embodiment of all he accomplished and stood for.  The sweet journey continues, guided by David's spirit. 

                                                                                   --- Kathryn