Q:  How types of chocolate are there?

A: There are 6.  Or maybe 5? Or is it 4?

Unsweet chocolate: usually just cocoa liqueur with 99% to 100% percent chocolate.

Dark chocolate: cocoa liqueur, cocoa butter, sugar, plus other ingredients.  It runs between 35% to anything less than 100%.

Milk chocolate: dark chocolate with the addition of a large percentage of dairy products. By law, it can have as little as 10% cocoa solids.

White chocolate: cocoa butter (>20% according to the FDA), dairy products, sugar, and other ingredients. Technically not “chocolate” in the USA as it contains no cocoa solids at all.

Ruby chocolate: created in 2017 by Barry Callebaut from a specially developed variety of red cocoa beans it is characterized by its natural pink color and higher acidity than other chocolates.

Blond chocolate: is white chocolate that has been cooked to caramelize the sugars and darken the color giving it a toastier flavor than white chocolate. Arguably this is not actually a type of chocolate but a processing method.