Welcome to Epic Fine Chocolates!

Epic Fine Chocolates is a small family-operated confection company founded at Black Mesa Ranch, a 280-acre ranch in the White Mountains of northern Arizona. Our amazing, 100% off-grid, candy kitchen is at a cool 6000 feet above sea level, with all that wonderful crisp, clear high-desert air. We generate almost all our own electricity from solar and wind sources!

Try our very popular Chocolate Truffles, English and Butter Almond Toffees, and incredible Vanilla Bean Caramels. Or, how about our full line of Goats Milk Fudges (which you can also find at many Southwest Region Whole Foods Markets), or our sweet Spiced Pecans made with locally-sourced organic mammoth pecan halves.

We have been hand-making exquisite fine chocolates with “No Funny Ingredients” for over 30 years. If you are just learning about us, this is a great time to see what you’ve been missing! To learn more about our sweet journey (so far) please go to our About Us page.

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